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Study Mid Term Quiz-1 ENG201 Technical and Business English Online

What is the last thing you need to do before you get ready to distribute your document?
All of the above
Which of the following suggests ‘Implication of a word or a suggestion separate from the usual definition’?
Which of the following has audience learning as its primary goal?
Instructive speaking
Informative speaking
Persuasive speaking
Influential speaking
Which question is used to ask about residential status?
What's your address?
Where are you from? -
Where do you belong to?
Please sign here.
Which phrase is used during a presentation?
Thanks for giving me a hand.
Thank you very much for your time today.
Thank you for your quick response.
Thank you for your corporation.
Which of the following complimentary close is accurate in general letter writing?
Yours sincerely,
Yours respectfully,
All of the above
Why document objective should be stated at the beginning?
To motivate readers to read further
To gain readers’ attention
Both i & ii
To impress readers
Which format should be used if the information is being sent inside an organization?
Why important observations, suggestions, or objections should be written?
To persuade the reader
To create permanent records
To make communication more effective
To establish credibility
Communication can be defined as-----------
A sense of unshared understanding
The process of attempting to drop information
The activity of conveying information
Replacement of something
Select the statement about the communication process that is NOT true.
Communication takes many forms-oral, written and computer.
Communication is vital to every part of business.
Your performance in business will not be judged by your communication ability.
Performance is judged by communication ability.
Which plan or model is mostly used in business messages?
The logical plan or its variation
The emotional appeal or its variation
The AIDA model or its variation
All of the above - Correct
Which of the following is not used in external business communication?
Enquiries letter
Curriculum Vitae
Complaint letter
Which of the followings are often required by federal, state, or local law, by-laws, charters, or regulations?
Formal minutes
Informal minutes
Meeting minutes
Meeting documents
Which Three types of readers usually exist?
Phantom Readers, Future Readers, Complicated Readers
Future Readers, Complex Readers, Complicated Readers
Future Readers, Complex Readers, Technical Readers
Phantom Readers, Future Readers, Complex Readers
If your message is specific, definite and vivid; which of the following principle has been applied?
Which of the followings get straight to the point because the audience usually wants to respond?
Credit requests
Direct requests
Plain requests
Formal requests
Which of the followings are usually more vivid than long ones and improve the readability of a document?
Short words
Content words
Structure words
Practical words
Which of the following three steps are involved in planning a sales letter?
Main idea, needs and appeals, logics
Define the audience, emotion and logic, main idea
Needs and appeals, chose the format, emotion and logic
Determine the main idea, define the audience, chose the format
“An attachment notation is included to remind the reader to check additional pages of information. This is typed single or double space below the reference initials.”
Match the above statement with one of the followings:
Copy Notation
Attention line
Which type of Visual aid is the most difficult to execute effectively?
Film and video
Which of the following suggests the following statement?
First group the ideas and then put them in sequence.
Revising a message
Editing a message
Organizing a message
Planni ng a message
Which of the following can be defined as follows “It is not merely politeness with mechanical insertion of ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, rather it is politeness that grows out of respect and concern for others.”
Which of the following is a nonverbal communication conveyed by posture and movement?
Body language
Nodding of head
Which of the following consists of four parts: a buffer, reasons supporting the negative decision, clear, diplomatic statement of the negative decision and a helpful, friendly, and positive close?
Direct plan
Indirect plan
Business plan
Strategic plan
Which signature is the most formal?
Yours faithfully,
Best wishes,
Best regards,
What is the goal of a Non-conventional resume?
Provide functions and tasks the applicant can perform
Pla ce the name and professional objectives at the top
Put the most important information first
Make your name and professional achievements prominent
Which is a correct response to the question: How do you do?
I'm fine.
I'm alright.
How do you do?
I’m doing fine. (not sure grammatically ….we mostly use I’m fine in routine)
Which of the following factors enables you to evaluate the effectiveness of your message?
While communicating, when you are aware not only of the perspective of others but also their feelings, which principle of communication you are utilizing?
Which of the following should be essentially considered during speeches and presentations?
To decode a message is to:
reject a message
translate ideas into code
evaluate a message
interpret a message
Complete the question tag: They worked for Kaufman's,
Did they?
Haven't they?
Didn't they?
Had they?
Employment History' means:
Which schools you have attended.
Which diplomas and certificates you have.
Where you have worked.(not sure)
Which disciplines you had opted.
When you are writing a routine message, what kind of approach will be used?
The direct app roach - Correct
The indirect approach
The long approach
None of the above
Which of the followings are an essential component of employment process?
Which of the following is associated with scholarly writing?
Informal writing
Formal writing
Archaic writing
Technical writing
Which one of the following can create immense difference between class room communication and job communication?
Age of audience
Behavior of audience
Size of audience
None of the above
Which sentence is incorrect?
He lives in London.
I arrived at home at 6 o'clock.
They drove to San Francisco on Saturday.
Where do you live?
Which of the following is best when you want immediate feedback?
Oral medium
Written medium
Electronic medium
All of the above
Which of the following is the process of drafting your message?
What strategies should be opted for writing to Technicians?
Keep introductions and background information brief
Make information accessible
Provide short definitions or explanations of any unfamiliar term
All of the above
Which question asks for advice?
What would you like to know?
What should I do with my plastic bottles?(not sure)
I'm afraid I don't know where the entrance is.
May I help you in any way?
Which of the following is promoted by simple, direct language?
Structural clarity
Stylistic clarity
Contextual clarity
Textual clarity
Why style guides are widely used in organizations?
To achieve a uniform document
To achieve consistency of style
To achieve good results
Both i & ii
In which of the following message categories would you place sales and marketing messages?
How can you make the following statement Concise?
‘There are only four rules of our company and every employee is bound to follow these rules.’
Four rules must be observed.
There are four rules that must be observed.
You must follow the rules.
Follow the rules.
History' means:
Which schools you have attended.
Which diplomas and certificates you have.
Where you have worked.
Which disciplines you had opted.
Which of the following is the main task of a Conventional Résumé?
Provide functions and tasks the applicant can perform
Make your name and professional achievements prominent
Put the most important information first
Place the name and professional objectives at the top
A fault in the communication procedure where the meaning of the message is lost ‘in translation’ from intention to language or from language to understanding is called............