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Test Format

Type & Design of Questions:

The General Test is generally divided into three sections, i.e., The Verbal Section, Quantitative Section and the section of Analytical Reasoning. All the questions are based on Multiple-Choice Question format.

Verbal Questions:

The test of Verbal Section is based on completing sentences with the appropriate words, pointing out the errors in the sentences, comprehension exercises to assess the basic knowledge about the vocabulary and grammar of the language. Questions are basically about sentence completion, analogy and critical reading.

Quantitative Questions:

In the Quantitative Section, the NTS tries to measure your basic mathematical skills and check your understanding of the elementary level mathematics. The MCQs in this section are based on three areas, i.e., Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry.

Analytical Questions:

In the Analytical Section, various objective type questions are asked to analyse the capability of every student with regard to their problem solving aptitude in the daily life activities and also the academic interests. Questions asked are basically on the analytical reasoning and logical reasoning.

A few Model Questions in the website can help you in being familiarized with the nature of questions.

Duration of the Test:

The duration of NAT(S) is 120 minutes. The Verbal Section is given 20 minutes in which the candidates are asked to solve 20 questions. The Quantitative Section has been given 55 minutes for the solution of 35 questions. In the last section, i.e., the Analytical Section, 45 minutes are provided to the candidates to answer 35 questions.

The duration of NAT(G) is also 120 minutes. The time suggested for Verbal Section is 35 minutes. 28 and 57 minutes time is recommended for the Quantitative and Analytical Reasoning Section respectively.

The following time table is prepared which describes the number of questions, its time and marks distribution more clearly:

Science (NAT-S)

Test Sections No. of Questions Suggested Time Marks
Verbal 20 20 20
Quantitative 35 55 35
analytical 35 45 35

Science (NAT-G)

Test Sections No. of Questions Suggested Time Marks
Verbal 35 35 35
Quantitative 15 28 15
analytical 40 57 40