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NTS provides its services in vast areas:

National Aptitude/General Testing:

NTS conducts General Tests so as to evaluate the critical thinking skills of analytical reasoning and also performance assessment of candidates with regard to quantitative & verbal ability. General Tests also called National Aptitude Tests, help establishing a reliable and credible measure of judging the knowledge base of students in commonly taught program.

Services — Measuring Knowledge Base and Skill Levels:

The NTS Subject Tests are prepared and designed with a view to assess the qualifications, knowledge base, competency and skill level of the candidates in a specific area of study.

Services for Test Preparation:

NTS provides complete guidelines with regard to Test Preparation. A guide for users is available on our website as well as in the market in printed form. Model Questions and Sample Tests are also available on the website for helping the candidates to practice and be well prepared for the test. Furthermore, Reference Books are also recommended by NTS to be an additional source of help for the test takers for Computer Science Subject Tests.

Administrative Services:

NTS provides an administrative service for not only the candidates but also the institutions. All administrative arrangements regarding registration, test center selection, test execution, result preparation and then its reporting etc. are taken as a responsibility by NTS.

Admission Test Services for Institutions:

NTS conducts Admission Tests for various institutes and organizations, all services like the arrangements of test registration, paper generation, test execution, paper marking, result declaration etc. are provided by NTS for these entities.

Services for Online Testing:

NTS also conducts Online Tests for the candidates’ efficient and credible evaluation of their knowledge and skills. Arrangements like the availability of labs, content development for the assessment, online paper generation, test execution and online result formation immediately after the test, are made by NTS.

Establishing Performance Ranking:

NTS also assists in carrying out an estimated ranking of students as well as professionals. This ranking is not only in a particular subject on a general competency level but also helps in the identification of areas of strengths and weaknesses in its sub-contents on a disaggregated basis.

Services for Score Reporting:

For General Tests, NTS declares its results electronically within seven days of the test being conducted, the results of each candidate are sent to their homes through a fast and reliable courier service. The result of Online Subject Tests is displayed online immediately after the candidate completes his/her test. The score of candidates is also reported in the form of a certificate at their respective addresses.

Services to Facilitate Employment:

NTS extends its services for employed and unemployed candidates to get satisfactory jobs in their relevant areas through a very estimated and careful judgement of their knowledge base skills. It facilitates access to job opportunities for various professionals and candidates both within the country and abroad on the basis of their scores in NTS Subject Tests.

Statistical Analysis and Reports:

NTS by virtue of its flexible and user friendly solution can better help the institutions and organizations to have statistical analysis and report for administrative tasks and it will ultimately lead to true decision making and managerial tasks.


NTS has very robust and accurate system for processing forms and surveys. In addition to the educational and professional testing services, NTS has the survey facility for different organizations, government data collection and other methods to get feedback from people. (Courtesy to NTS)