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NTS Commitment

Promoting Overall Quality of Education

Based on a vision aimed at providing quality services in educational testing and assessment mechanisms for various stakeholders, NTS is committed to promoting the overall quality of education as a value-added adjunct.

Performance Evaluation

NTS undertakes programs that are aimed at establishing a credible, technically appropriate and accurate system of performance evaluation of students/candidates of various educational institutions at different levels.

Assessing Knowledge, Skills & Professional Abilities

It also extends services for the employed and unemployed professionals to get satisfactory jobs in their relevant area through an assessment of their knowledge base, skills, and professional abilities.

A Rapidly Growing & Credible Entity

NTS is a rapidly growing and credible entity of national repute. Its context and potential coincides with the expressed need of the Government for the establishment of a National Accreditation Council and Testing Service.

Conducting Various Types of Tests

While the beginnings were made by conducting General Tests through an IT-focused thrust, NTS has expanded its services to other disciplines of education testing. It now provides services for conducting Subject Tests by providing facilities both for individual candidates and institutions. These tests are prepared and assessed by experts and professionals from relevant fields.

Linkages & Networks

NTS now has growing linkages and associations with educational and professional organizations & institutions, including those engaged in talent search and career & educational promotion activities, at the national and international levels. (Courtesy to NTS)