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Introduction to NTS

“NTS” is a new testing system introduced by the government of Pakistan for the search of national talent. For this purpose, NTS was established in July 2002. An experience of decades brought it to the forefront that a large number of scholarships were restricted to certain pockets of the country and many areas remained unrepresentative. In the light of this, the new scheme of testing system was launched. The fundamental aim of NTS is to evaluate the knowledge level of the students. It also aims at to provide a single standard for quality evaluation of the educated human resource. There is no single syllabus in our educational institutions right from basic to the advanced level. There is also a big variation in syllabi taught in various schools, colleges and universities. A huge gap is also found in the standard of education and institutions. It is a vital issue to evaluate the knowledge of students on the prevailing system of examinations. NTS was established to solve this issue by evaluating the skills and knowledge of the individuals on a standardized measure.

NTS is providing training and testing programs for individual students. Efficiency, transparency, reliability and consistency are few prominent features of the NTS which are the main causes of its popularity. Most of the educational institutions and organizations are attracting towards it. In the beginning, NTS was conducting test only for Ph.D and M.Phil scholarships, but not it is also conducting Entry Test for admission to different educational institutions. With the passage of time, it is gaining a prestigious position in the testing system. It has become a reliable name in the ?eld of testing. It has gained this position in a very short span of time.

Objectives of NTS

NTS was established for the achievement of certain objectives and goals, solve can call it a national talent search scheme. It is a novel testing system introduced for the first time in 'Pakistan. Within the overall premise of contributing to the improvement of the quality of education in Pakistan, the important objectives of NTS are as under:

  • The main objective of NTS is to improve upon the shortcomings in our prevailing performance evaluation system of candidates through establishing a credible, technically appropriate and accurate system of performance evaluation for students of different educational institutions at various levels in the country.
  • Another important objective is to provide a standardized and uniform criterion for selecting candidates seeking admission to various universities in the country and abroad and also to provide a basis on which students, individuals and institutions can assess performance for preparation of various types of tests conducted by different international testing agencies.
  • To enable assessment and ranking not only in a particular subject on a general competency level but also help in identification of areas of strengths and weaknesses in its sub-contents on a disaggregated basis.
  • To provide a reliable and efficient system for evaluating the knowledge base and skills of candidates including professionals - employed and unemployed.
  • To establish a credible and reliable measure of assessing the students’ knowledge in commonly taught programs for relative ranking.
  • To bridge up the gap between academic preparation and the practical market needs in a highly dynamic and competitive environment.