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Subject Tests

NTS Subject Tests have their own special attributes:

- These tests help in comprehensive We evaluation of a candidate emphasizing any one required area of study or specialization.

- The scores of NTS Subject Tests interpret the acquired knowledge base of candidates and predict their abilities regarding their specific knowledge, skills and abilities in a number of different ways. These also help in the overall ranking of students.

The NTS Subject Test focuses on evaluating the knowledge base and skills of the candidates in a specific area of study. These Subject Tests are extremely helpful in measuring the potentials, capabilities and knowledge of candidates in specific fields.

The NTS Subject Tests enable assessment and ranking not only in the particular subject on a general competency level but also help in identification of areas of strengths and weaknesses in sub-contents on a disaggregated basis in that particular subject.

NTS offers Subject Tests in various disciplines:

- Computer Science (CS) - Biology
- Physics               - Mathematics
- Chemistry             - Psychology
- English

Graduate Assessment Test (GAT) - Subject V

These tests are designed for those who have extensive background in that specific subject/discipline.

These tests help evaluate students’ ability to analyze and solve problems, understand relationships, and interpret material in their particular field. These are prepared on national level, i.e., to assess students’ capability and existing knowledge in their specific/major area of study.

Presently, these tests are being offered in Computer Sciences and Management Sciences, only. The tests will be held biannually. The scores of this test remain valid for ONE WHOLE YEAR from the test date.

A few of the other study areas are under process and are being considered for Subject Tests.

Test Format of GAT Subject

Total Questions (MCQs) = 100
Total Test Time = 120 Minutes (2 Hours)
Test Type: Paper Based
Test Contents
General Section = 30% of the Total Test
Subject Section = 70% of the Total Test
Areas of General Section 30%
English (Verbal) = 15%
Analytical Reasoning = 15%
Core Areas of Computer Sciences 70%
Area Percentage
100% of 70%
1.Discrete Structures10%
2.Algorithm & Complexity12%
3.Architecture & Organization12%
4.Operating System12%
5.Programming Fundamentals09%
6.Programming Languages10%
7.Information Management12%
8.Net-centric Computing09%
9.Software Engineering10%
10.Computational Science04%
Core Areas of Management Sciences 70%
Sr.# Area Area Percentage
100% of 70%
1.I Finance33%
2.1 Marketing33%
3.1 Management20%
4.I Economic Analysis14%
Test Schedule for GAT Subject 2007
The Subject Test dates for Computer Sciences and Managements Sciences in the year 2007 is as follows:
1. First test April, 2007
2. Second test October, 2007
The schedule of these tests in detail is as under:
Sr.# Ad. Date App Submission Last Date Test Date Result Date Result Card Issue Date
First Test February, 2007 & will be
repeated on February, 2007
March, 2007 April, 2007 April, 2007 Before April, 2007
Second Test August, 2007 & will be
repeated on September, 2007
September, 2007 October, 2007 October, 2007 October, 2007

Note: List of eligible candidates, Test venue and Candidate instructions will be displayed on NTS website at least 7 days prior to test date.

Any queries will be received through e-mail latest by 4 days prior to the test date.